Whether you are looking to let or rent a property Luton Lets Squared has the experience to make it happen.
By offering a personal service we can profile our applicants to match them with the perfect property, meeting both landlord and tenant expectations.


At Luton Lets Squared we offer a range of services including private and social lettings.

The lettings market continues to grow reflecting our current economic uncertainty, which has a knock on affect with supply and demand. With demand outweighing supply, rents tend to rise as it becomes a Landlords’ market. Affordability is a crucial factor when considering a rental property, so all other living costs must be taken into account. This is where you will find our affordability calculator most useful.

Our social lets specifically target individuals and groups who would not normally be able to use a High Street letting agent (owing to deposit costs and referencing) this tends to be a large percentage of those already homeless and living in temporary accommodation. Our philosophy is different to that of a High Street letting agent with unique drives, aims and objectives, offering good quality and affordable properties in the private sector to all.


Landlords and letting agents need to know that you can afford rent before they will approve your application.

Enter your annual income to calculate how much monthly rent you can afford, or enter the monthly rent to calaculate what your annual income should be.

Tenants' Checklist

When renting a property we recommend you always check:

  • The EPC (energy performance certificate) and utility charges
  • You are happy with the term / break clause
  • The inventory reflects the properties current condition
  • You are happy to sign the AST (assured shorthold tenancy)

Residential Fees